Piano Refinishing & Rebuilding

Some of the greatest pianos were built from 1900-1930 in the United States. These pianos are usually worth rebuilding. Whether your piano was built during that era or not, pianos more than 40 years old are usually in need of rebuilding, whether that be new strings, new action parts, or new felt hammers or dampers. We only have one desire; to get your piano sounding and looking like new again.

Your piano has the potential to do that, as our many satisfied customers can attest to. Some of these repairs can be done with the piano in your home. However, an extensive piano renovation will require the piano to be sent to our piano workshop, complete with a finishing room and overhead lift to remove piano harps.

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Services Provided:

  • Complete restoration
  • Refinishing (Lacquer, polyurethane, tung oil, any custom finish on request)
  • Restringing – We use premium Roslau piano wire and order our bass strings from the industry’s premium bass string manufacturer – Hellerbass Bass Strings made in Germany.
  • Complete action refurbishing or replacement with new parts
  • Hammer Replacement
  • Key top replacement
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Piano Tuning

Your piano can sound better than it does right now. Let the professionals help it sing again!

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Repair and Rebuilding

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Player Pianos

Partnering with Michigan Music Machines, LLC, Great Lakes Piano Service is now able to offer player piano rebuilding services to the Great Lakes area and beyond.

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